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What is STAX?

Collecting UAV imagery over the same location can require costly ground control point setting and surveying, and still result in imagery stacks that are slightly misaligned once processed. Ensuring your imagery is accurately aligned is the first and most critical step in performing multi-temporal analytics. With STAX, the alignment process is easy and fully automated. You have the option to supply a reference image of similar resolution with overlapping coverage to align a deep stack of data, or to use one of the images in your stack as a reference. Once you’ve aligned your images, you’ll be able to perform vegetation analysis, produce reports, and accurately measure changes over time.

How It Works

STAX is a simple to use and intuitive workflow based software tool that will guide you through the processing steps required to create imagery stacks. The following are the typical steps in a workflow.

-Step 1-
Collecting Imagery

Collecting imagery over the same location more than once often results poor alignment of images. This can severely restrict automated change detection capability.


-Step 2-
Automatic Alignment

Two or more surveys of the same location can be perfectly aligned to a reference image, or one of the surveys from the time series. The process is completely automated, saving you considerable time manually collecting control points.


-Step 3-
Vegetation Analytics

With perfectly aligned imagery, you can now extract information from your multi-temporal imagery easily, as well as export reports.


Supported Functionality

  •  Merge bands from different sensors to form a single image
  •  Automatically align multi-date imagery (Multiple formats supported, including GeoTiff)
  •  Calculate vegetation indices (GRVI, GI, VDI, RVI, NDVI, TDVI, SAVI, MSAVI2, GEMI, MTVI)
  •  Produce map products with customized color coding to emphasize features of interest
  •  Support for multiple bands, including RGB and NIR

Need more advanced analysis capability?

Trusted by thousands of customers in over 135 countries, Geomatica has long been the comprehensive geospatial software of choice for geo-image processing and analysis. By using the full Geomatica suite, you will be able to go further with your analysis, automatically extract features, perform change detection, and fuse multi-source imagery. Geomatica offers an integrated image processing environment that will allow you to work with raster and vector data for powerful and advanced analysis. You can also develop custom workflows and applications to automate processing through the Geomatica Python API.

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